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Frequently Asked Questions
What is provides actionable insights about champion to champion matchups in League of Legends. While there exists many sites that describes a champion's optimal build paths and skill orders, they are generic and do not take in account of what you should adjust when facing different enemy champions. Should you build a Zhonya? Should you start Cull or Doran's Blade? also lets you know if you are in a losing or winning lane matchup, so you can make better decisions whether you should aggresively dominate the opponent or passively stall out to win in the late game. Overall, the goal of the site is to help you improve your play and win more games! is built by the team behind Instant eSports, a mobile app on iOS and Android that helps you track of the latest news, scores, and stats for NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK and LPL. Check it out at

What stats do you use? only process and analyze data from ranked games in Platinum tier and above. Because there are so many possible combinations of matchups, we continously analyze new games (numbered in the millions) in order to provide the most accurate data for you. This is only made possible because of the Riot Games API platform!

How do I use

Currently, supports both live game and champion vs champion look ups. If you are in a loading screen, simply type your Summoner name, and we'll automatically try and determine your matchup and also provide you with insights on your team's and the enemy team's damage composition. If you just want to look at the stats for a matchup, switch the search mode on the home page to search by champion and you can type in the matchup yourself.

How do you know that this is the best item and skill path for the matchup?

For item builds, we analyze each game of that matchup and split the builds into their core components, and the situational items that come afterwards. We then weight the lane and overall winrates of each part of the build and suggest items which have both success in lane and in winning the game.

For skill builds we take a similar approach but piece together winrates from incomplete and fully completed skill builds to get the best skill order for the matchup.

How do you calculate the % win rate in lane for specific matchups?

Although Riot’s API shows each champion’s total win rate against an opponent, this information doesn’t tell us how they perform against that enemy during laning phase specifically (as opposed to later in teamfights, split pushes, etc.) For the early game, however, it’s important to understand your champion’s expected performance in lane, so you can adopt a strategy that maximizes your gold and experience while preventing your opponent from getting strong.

For each matchup, the % win rate we show is a function of the laners’ gold difference at 13 minutes, experience difference at 13, CS difference at 13, solo KDA (no assistance from jungler), and first tower taken.

Hey that's not my lane opponent! tries to guess your lane opponent based on summoners, runes, and masteries. It's not perfect, so if we guess your lane opponent incorrectly, click the change opponent button to select the correct opposing champion.

How do you know the damage composition of each team?
Our team damage composition is calculated from a combination of each champion's average damage across all games in our database in their respective roles. This should give you a good sense on itemization paths and what to watch out for.
I want to see ranking list of all champions!
We currently don't display any win rate rankings on champions. Check out They do an awesome job!
I've got questions and/or feedback. Where can I reach you guys?
Feedback is welcome via email at [email protected].

You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on and Instant eSports.