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Let’s Face It...

We’ve all had games where our top-lane Garen builds full AD vs. Ryze, refuses to buy any MR before his Black Cleaver is complete, and proceeds to come out of laning phase 0/6.

With Matchup.gg, this should never happen again.

What is Matchup.gg?

Unlike most other resources, Matchup.gg is oriented entirely around laning phase.

Most champions don’t have a single optimal build. You need to adapt your early items and skill order based on who you’re laning against. We pull data from Plat+ ranked games and show important matchup-specific information to give you the best chance of winning lane, shutting down your opponent, and carrying the game.

Here’s what you can find on Matchup.gg:

  • Odds of winning lane vs. your lane opponent
  • Odds of winning the game vs. your lane opponent
  • Optimal starting items and ending trinket
  • Optimal core item builds for early- to mid-game
  • Situational late-game items, depending on team comp
  • Recommended skill order
  • Team damage-type compositions (live games only)

All recommendations are based on most frequent builds with the highest win rate, so our data isn’t skewed by outliers that snowball early.

When do I use Matchup.gg?

During Champ Select

If you know who you’ll be facing in lane, search their champion to view a list of counters. Click on a counter to view detailed stats and item recommendations. You can use this tool to help your teammates pick the best champs for their matchups too!

While loading into game (or while you’re playing, tsk tsk)

If you’re in a live game, you can search your Summoner name to instantly get your champion matchup data. We’ll also show you each team’s damage breakdown so you can plan out what to build after laning phase too.


Curious about how Darius fares against Ekko? Want to see who counters Yasuo mid? Our data’s available to you whenever you want it!

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